what is a domain name in a website?


Friends, if you use the Internet, then you must have heard about Domain Name at some time or the other. Have you ever thought about what is this domain name? This name is very special for those who design a website or search for a website by its name. Today’s post is going to be very special for those people who want to start blogging.

What is a Domain Name?

  • Just like we identify any person by his name, in the same way, the name of a website is called a domain name.
  • For example, our website name is www.jameelattari.net
  • In this jamelattari.net is the domain name of our website.
  • Domain Name has two parts divided into two parts by dot (.).
  • The first part contains the primary name of the domain.
  • The extension of the domain is after the dot.
  • The extension has a very special role in the domain.

domain extension types

TLD (Top Level Domain)

  • Top-level domain extensions are used with domains that are created for a specific purpose.
  • .com – Commercial
  • .org – Organization
  • .net
  • .gov – Government
  • .edu – Education
  • .name – Name
  • .biz – Business
  • .info – Information
  • Like www.jameelattari.net, www.jameelattari.com, www.tratools.com

CCTLD (Country Code Top Level Domain)

  • These domains are kept according to country.
  • .us – United States
  • .in – India
  • .pk – Pakistan
  • .ch – China
  • .ru – Russia
  • .br – Brazil
  • Like:- www.jameelattari.in

How to create a domain name

  • The domain name should always be selected short so that it is easy to remember.
  • Keep the domain name that is easy to remember as well as the type
  • The domain name should not be similar to any other domain name
  • The domain name should be unique so that it is easy to identify yourself
  • Avoid having numbers and special characters ie #, &, $, etc in the domain name
  • After setting the domain name, it is better to choose the extension
  • The best .com remains in the domain extension, if you want, you can use anyone other than this.

Where to get a domain name

  • If you are starting blogging, then I would suggest you take domain hosting only.
  • Apart from this, you can also take the domain from another company.

How to get a domain

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