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Friends, today we are going to start a new series Learn Blogging with Jameel Attari Learn Blogging with Jameel Attari, in this, I am going to tell and teach you on the basis of my experience how you can do blogging at the beginning of the series Learn Blogging with Jameel Attari We will talk about one of the biggest questions that if we are about to start blogging, then which platform would be better for us, that is, we should start blogging with Blogger or WordPress with Blogger vs WordPress which platform is better to understand this. we’ll talk about specific things


  • To work on blogger we only need a mail id
  • To work on WordPress, we need Domain and Hosting.


  • You do not need money to work on a blogger
  • To work on WordPress, Domain and Hosting are required which you have to purchase.

Can you do blogging from mobile?

  • You can do blogging from a mobile on Blogger, but going forward you will need coding, for which you will have to take a computer or laptop.
  • You can easily do blogging from a mobile on WordPress

Owner’s right

  • The ownership of your blog on Blogger will remain completely with Google.
  • You will have complete ownership of your blog on WordPress.


  • Since the ownership of Google remains in Blogger, Google can terminate your blog at any time, as channels are terminated in YouTube.
  • As there are terms and policies on YouTube, breaking which your channel is terminated, in the same way, Blogger also has terms and policies.
  • Ownership in WordPress is yours, so it will depend on you how long you run your blog.


  • In Blogger, you can make changes to your blog only to some extent.
  • In WordPress, you can make any changes to your blog you want.


  • You cannot easily update on Blogger, for more updates, you need to know to code.
  • You can easily update on WordPress, for updating, you just have to install the plugin, so that you can update in any way you want.

Website design

  • The design of the Blogger website means that the theme is very less available, if you want to use another theme, then you will have to purchase it.
  • You get many designs on WordPress for free.


  • Blogger is very secure because Blogger itself is a product of Google.
  • WordPress security depends on your


  • You do not get any support on Blogger because it is free
  • To work on WordPress, we need Domain and Hosting.


  • Many times we see that on opening the website, the server tells down or the site does not open at all.
  • This is negligible in Blogger because Google itself manages it.
  • Downtime in WordPress depends on your hosting


  • To work on blogger we only need a mail id
  • To work on WordPress, we need Domain and Hosting.

Change platform

  • It is very difficult to change platforms in a blogger
  • It is very easy to change platform in WordPress


  • The people who come to Blogger are often such people who do not have money or whose aim is not to earn money.
  • The people who come on WordPress come according to the business.

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